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About Bren J Fraser, MA, LMFT

Bren J Fraser, MA, LMFT
Bren J Fraser, MA, LMFT

About Me

The primary focus of my work is in the area of relationships. I am passionate about working with children, adolescents, families and young adults. While my theoretical orientation is eclectic, I draw heavily on play and art therapy, as well as the positive power of healing through nature.

I believe that one of the most powerful aspects of the therapy process is the relationship between the therapist and client, the therapeutic relationship. Our work together needs to be collaborative so that you feel both supported and safe. 

To achieve this I will adjust my style in order to best fit your needs and help you reach your counseling goals. I invite and encourage you to ask questions about your session. I honor your inquisitiveness about your own process.


My lifetime curiosity for interpersonal communication coupled with my passion for deep human connection led me to pursue a BA in Communication Studies, (UCSB, 1984), a Massage Therapy License, (Santa Barbara School of Massage 1990), a Certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy, (Sky Mountain Institute, San Diego, 2000) and an MA in Counseling Psychology, (Institute of Imaginal Studies, Meridian University, Petaluma, 2005).

I have over 30 years experience assisting and facilitating youth and families in building self-reliance, communication, coping skills and self-esteem. I have worked in conjunction with the Santa Barbara School District as a psychotherapist for at-risk teenagers and their caregivers. Additionally I have provided individual and group psychotherapy services for Emotionally Disturbed students in the Center For Therapeutic Education (CTE) with the Goleta and Hope School Districts. I have extensive knowledge of school culture, IEPs (Individual Education Plans) 504 plans and behavioral support plans.

Through my own therapeutic work and personal healing journey I have experienced first-hand the healing power of art and creativity, nature and wilderness. While my orientation is primarily humanistic I use a wide variety of treatment modalities including behavior modification, emotional intelligence (identification and recognition of feelings), emotional regulation, reward systems, behavior shaping, and harm reduction. My work in psychotherapy is also informed by the distinct orientation of Imaginal Psychology. For hundreds of years psychology has been primarily a study of mind and body leaving soul behind. Reclaiming soul is the primary concern of Imaginal Psychology. The soul expresses itself in images. Care of the soul asks that we pay close attention to the images we inhabit. I combine the therapy process with the healing power of nature and creativity, my love for the outdoors, and my passion for witnessing and honoring growth in others.

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