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If you are an LGBTQIA2s+ identified or questioning individual I can offer you a safe and supportive environment to identify and process your feelings. Wherever you are in the stage of “coming out” I can offer you deep support along your journey.

Transgender & Gender Creative

Gender expression and gender identity do not cause mental health issues. Mental health concerns are caused primarily by negative reactions, discrimination, and social stigma that a gender creative individual endures as they move through the world.

Our society and culture has a tendency to organize around binary: Good, Bad. Right, Wrong. Either, Or. Gender does not escape the binary: Female, Male. We need to do a better job of creating space for the in between places and for gender expansiveness. Gender is not fixed, it is continually evolving and moving. And you are the expert of your own experience.

I work from a Gender Affirmative Care Model, which allows for a safe, healthy and affirmative exploration of gender. As a mental health provider I create the space that encourages and supports the unfolding of gender in an authentic way. Your experience of gender is the most important experience in the room.

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We shall not cease from exploration - and the end of all our exploring - will be to arrive where we started - and know the place for the first time.

- T.S. Eliot